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As a parent do you feel as if you have lost your own identity? Do you worry that you are ‘Getting it wrong’? Are you returning to work following Maternity Leave and feel overwhelmed by the whole thing? Dads – Do you have anyone to talk to about how you feel as a parent? Do you find aspects of your child’s behaviour (regardless of their age) difficult to manage and understand? Naughty, nice or normal?

As your Coach, I will work with you, giving you the confidence to be the BEST parent you can be, helping you with –

  • Parenting Style – All parents and families are different. I will help you discover what parenting style works best for you.
  • Confidence – Learn to be more certain in your abilities
  • Work/Life Balance – How does being a parent affect all aspects of your life? Are you neglecting YOU?
  • Making Choices – Parenthood is about making choices. As your parent coach I will support you to make the right choices for you and your family.
  • Teens – I will guide and educate you through what sometimes can be a very difficult time as a parent. New challenges beyond your experience can become your reality – Drugs, alcohol, smoking, truancy, sex, bullying.

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